Entering the “Promise Land”




First things first!

Read Numbers 13:1-33 and 14:1-25 before you begin…


Numbers 13-14 is a message to us about having the faith that God is there with us, to help us overcome the sin and evils we face in our service to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ as we seek the kingdom of God to His glory.

There are important parallels in this passage essential for all Christians and in all times.

They are…


Parallels that do apply to us:

Egypt = Enslaved by or living in or making a “practice” of sin.

Egyptians = People then and now who chose to live in or under the control or bondage sin.

Moses = he was a savior to the Israelites, God’s people, a forerunner or example Christ.

Israelites = God’s people by covenant or promise. An example of us, who are called by God.

Caleb and Joshua = Faithful servants to God willing to fight with full faith.

The Lord’s great “signs” = Physical proof of His power over Egypt, (A.K.A sin.)

The land of Canaan = the “Promise land” or an example of heaven.

The “Fruits” of the land = God’s filling rewards of heaven, spiritual.

The rebelling Israelites = Faithless, in that they thought they were on their own.

The “sons of Anuk” or Nephilim = An example of evil or uncorrectable evil (example, money, alcohol, lustfulness ect.) 


We see in numbers 13-14,  this message to us, that God wants us to overcome the evil and inherit the promise land of heaven, all to His glory. We must have faith in God and ask for help in the battle against evils and the “flesh”. The Lord is glorified when we asking Him for help in overcoming evil. We cannot win this alone, no more than the Israelites could beat the Canaanites alone.

This all begins with a responsibility to repent and “turn from sin” as Jesus puts it. That’s when the battle for the promise land begins!

There’s no doubt this is a hard battle, but when we fail, we have Jesus as our atonement for failures but we must NEVER give up! This does not mean we rely on the grace of God and continue to make a “practice” of sinning as the apostle Paul puts it. That would be turning from the “good fight”.

How do you truly feel when you fall short of the commandments of God and living the testimony that Jesus gave?

How many people really truly feel a deep heart felt repentance and humbleness before God in their failure(s)?


If our faith were perfect, we would, naturally, always put God first in everything we do and would never fail.

We all need to read God’s Word, building our faith and ask for help in all our battles.

We are truly in evil times. We are expected to fight the evil in the righteous way Jesus told us to.

We have the sword of truth and we need both “faith and works” that God may build up our armor; it’s God’s promise to us!

It seems that so many today, turn back to Egypt, going back to the “old sins” of bondage. It’s one thing to have a moment of weak faith, it’s another to, as it is written in Proverbs… 

Proverbs 26:11 …Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.

We must never go back to Egypt!    How can we serve two masters?