Who is our Shepherd, how many shepherds do we need?


Taking the power away from the false teachers by hearing and accepting God’s truth.  Our Father in heaven through Jesus Christ, promises this to us!

Once we have repented and begin to seek God’s will for us, with a pure heart that is fully ready and willing to accept His Son, Jesus as our savior, King and Lord of our lives, God will show us the truth!

As we read the Bible, we see that God promises to be our ONE Shepherd and feeds us only truth. He promises His Holy Spirit will be with us in our quest for God’s will, wisdom and truth. He will always show truth to those who SEEK it in prayer and study of the holy Word. However, be warned that our “flesh” and it’s desires can lead us astray in our study; we must always be humble, seeking His will not ours to avoid this pitfall. Be right in your heart before the LORD as we seek Him and His truth to the glory and honor to the Father and His Son Jesus our Christ!


So, where does God promise this to us?


Psalm: 23 Who is our Shepherd?

Matthew: 23:10 Who instructs us?

Ezekiel 34: 20-24 God will be our Shepherd! What happens when a sheep raises “himself” to be a shepherd?

Ezekiel: 37: 24 “One Shepherd”

Revelation 7:17 Even after Jesus has ascended, the LAMB is the Shepherd.

Jeremiah 31: 31-34 “New Covenant” Who is the “Teacher” of God’s Word?

John 6:41-46 Who is our “Teacher”?

Isaiah 54:11-17 Taught by the LORD.

Matthew 10: 5-12 Jesus instructs the apostles in the “New Covenant commission”

Mark 1:17 “Fishers of men”

JOHN 10: 7-21 The “Good Shepherd”, the One Shepherd. What about hired or “paid” shepherds.


àBad shepherds take advantage of the flock for personal worldly gain.

Zechariah 11: 4-6 Getting rich off the sheep! Buying and selling the sheep?

Proverbs 22:15-16 Prosperity preachers?

Isaiah 55:2 What should we be “buying”?

Mark 9:38-40 Conquer and divide in reverse! devil does to Christians what they accused Jesus of doing.


What has changed from Old Testament times unto now?

Matthew 27:51 Why do we have the gift to go and learn directly from God? Through the blood of Jesus Christ!

Exodus: 27 The barrier that existed in the temple before the perfect LAMB was offered on our behalf.



1 Corinthians 4:1-5 Servants, Judges ect…

James 3:1-12 Teachers and preachers of the Word will be held at a higher level of judgment.

John 21: 15-19 Who’s sheep are they? Ours? NOPE!

1 Peter 5: 1-5 How should a teacher conduct himself? READ also the KJV on this one!

John 16:12-15 “Spirit of Truth”

Ecclesiastes 12: 11-14 Beware of any other books of study! Do not deny the gift of the Holy Spirit.


Why would you ask a man about the word of God, When you can ask God directly!!! Why are there so many divisions in the Christian denominations? This is evidence that there are misguided interpretations, lies, and half-truths being taught. It's our responsibility to read God’s word and focus on what Jesus taught which is what God commands us to do, through Him. The gift of the Holy Spirit was made possible by God, through His Son, Jesus Christ by the blood on the cross. Ask the Father in prayer in Jesus’ name and do your part by searching and studying diligently in the Word!


Read Ezekiel 34, Matt: 23:10, JER 31: 31-34, JOHN 6:41-46, IS 54:13, JOHN 10: 7-21, Zech 11: 4-6, JOHN 16:12-15   


Man cannot interpret the understanding of the “Word” on his own understanding; it is revealed by the Holy Spirit of God on a “need to know” basis!  Many things we NEED TO KNOW! Some prophecies are revealed to us, some are not. All in due time and to whom God our Father pleases to His glory.

God’s Holy Spirit can not lie! It is OUR corrupt nature that twists the Word and condones our errors.  So seek the truth with a pure heart!

Will you read these scriptures? It's the kind of scriptures many preachers won't read in church!


Follow Jesus Christ! Know His voice!